Monday, February 28, 2005

Questions, Questions

Michael at Blogin Idiot
1. What would be your dream job?
2. What is your definition of faith?
3. What are the events in your life that have defined you?
4. Who is the person in your life you have always wanted to impress?
5. Why?

Kathryn at Good in Parts
1. Why only good in parts? What parts?
2. What is your favorite part of worship?
3. What is the hard part for you about being a woman in ministry?
4. Tell us about your kids, in general or in specific.
5. Dogs or cats?

e.s. at The Examined Life
1. How would you describe your faith walk?
2. What do you fear?
3. What do you feel is the heart of a teacher?
4. What is your favorite book of all time?
5. What gives you joy?

Blogger would not take my URL's above. I wonder sometimes how much traffice the site really gets. There are times that the service seems really spotty. Of course, it's worth every penny I pay for it. =o)

I am contemplating (not for the first time) about general busy-ness. (Did you every notice how close the word "busy-ness" and business are? Interesting.)

What does it say about my image of God that I cram all I can into life? What does it say about humans in general? What does is say about the relationship between humans and God that we cannot abide sitting still? Since my dear husband hurt his back, my plate has overflowed. An admission -- my Christmas nativities are still out. I tend to leave them out until way after Christmas -- after Ephipany and until Lent. Well, it has been Lent for a few weeks now (2 and a half). They are still out because I have not had time to pack them. I could whine about the Laundry and the Dishes and the Mopping and the Bathrooms and the Vacuuming and the.... (fill in the blank) but verily, verily I saith unto thee, the housework will always be with you. I can whine about the sheer amount of paper that I have due in the next few weeks, about the 3 sermons that I haven't begun to write, the ordination papers, the worship dramas, the exegesis papers. That too, is a given. I could whine about the things that need to be repaired -- my bumper is hanging off my car, missing hubcap, new scrape down the side of the other car, broken glass in my stained glass front door, burnt out light bulbs, broken doorknob, broken house keys. I could complain about the bills and taxes and other general paperwork for our finances that needs to be done (I received a new statement on how much I owe on student loans -- OUCH).

But the biggie -- what I have "given up" is my quiet time. I know that is not the trendy phrase -- people not talk about it in different terms, however I like the term "quiet time." It's when my soul is stilled and comforted and the voices that compete for my time become quiet. I am not centered right now -- there is no balance in my life. Hmmm... I am going to dwell in that right now and try to become centered -- I am going to go back to those spiritual disciplines that have sustained me in the past. I am not going to dwell in the fact that there is so much "work" that needs be done and try to dwell for a moment in not "work" time, but "God" time. How easy it is for us to slip out of that discipline! (Man, will *that* preach, or what?!)

Thought for the day -- we all have been given grace. It is a gift from God that cannot be earned or deserved. However, there is a grace that can be found from discipline. Daily disciplines -- prayer, study of the scripture, fasting, acts of piety and mercy, worship, fellowship, communion of the saints, Lord's supper -- John Wesley saw each and every one of these as means of grace. Disciples help us become grace-filled people. How can I become a means of God's grace, if I do not dwell in that grace myself?

So excuse me now, I have an appointment with grace.


Jaden said...

Preach it, sister! You and I are on the same wavelength. I feel like you took my thoughts on being so busy right out of my head. I am working on all this during Lent, too. Having the dicipline to create disciplines is hard, but so important. It changes our lives. My prayers are with you. *Jaden

Jan said...

Sounds like there are several of us on the same wavelength. I touched on this in my sermon yesterday - this busy-ness that leaves you feeling so empty. Lately I have been so busy juggling so many varied things that I've begun to feel paralyzed. Now, not only should I be busy about everyday stuff, but I'm getting further and further behind by the minute! I, too, know that the answer lies in being still and resting in God's grace, but it is so hard to be still with all that is swirling around me. I'm NOT a morning person, and by night I'm so tired that being still is a quick entry into sleep!

Gotta go and pick up two of my little swirls from the sitter!

Kristin said...

As one who grew up seeing "quiet time" as more duty/obligation than grace, I love this redefinition. Thanks for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the questions...I've not forgotten them just been a crazy couple of days with my students and appliances breaking down. Am working on them though and hope to have them posted by Thursday!

Michael said...

Reverend Mommy

Thank you for the interview.
I hope the busyness is under control.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the interview. The answers are posted here.