Friday, February 25, 2005

The Interview Me Game

Interview Me!

This is a blog game. I found it on Fish's site.
Here's how it works:

I answer the questions from my 'interview' here. Fish gave me the questions. Then if you want to play you do this:

1. The first five commenters to type INTERVIEW ME in the comments.

2. I will respond by asking you five questions (not the same as you see here).

3. You will update your blog/site with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

OK.. Here are the answers and questions from My Interview.

1.What is one of your most irrational phobias/fears? How did you know? I have three that I get teased about all the time by the family. First, I am scared of alligators. When we were on Sapelo Island, staying in the RJR mansion, we got the “Carter Room.” Really nice, full sized French Doors all around, billowing curtains in the wind, went straight out to the lawn. Wonderful. Except first there was no central air conditioning and it was hot. So the doors were always open. Second there is a nice big pond with lots of alligators just a few (hundred!) feet away. I didn’t sleep. Any. At all. I was too afraid of the alligators creeping into the house.
Then there is the “burning the house down with the curling iron” problem. Almost every day, I call home after I leave to make sure that I unplugged the curling iron. I always have, I just worry. And the new curling iron shuts itself off automatically. If we go somewhere as a family, either my husband will pack it in the car, or he will go make sure that it is unplugged right before we leave.
Then there is the “did you lock the doors?” thing. Every night, I check all the doors, just in case. I check a few times in the day, as well. This one is not as irrational, as my family tends to never close the door much less lock it. And the stupid doors don’t fit right, so they blow open with very little wind. So this is not as irrational, just compulsive.

2.How do you spend your 'you' time that you get- no work, no worries, just time for you, or if you don't feel you get 'you' time, how would you spend it if you did ideally? I spend time everyday thinking. Sounds lame, huh? But I need my thinking time. The days that the kids are at school/camp/whatever and my husband at work, I spend time snoozing in bed or in the recliner thinking. I then set down my thoughts on paper or on the computer. I love to spend time just as I get up out of bed thinking. I also will paint watercolors and design stained glass or embroideries.

3. Would you ever Bungee jump? Most definitely.

4.If you could spend an afternoon with someone from your past who would it be and how would you spend the afternoon? Probably my parents. General visitin’ and catching up. Also my minister from when I was in college. I would also make my mother look at all the boxes and boxes of unlabeled family photographs and tell me who they are. I would also talk about love and forgiveness and grace with them. I would really like to tell them that I love them, one more time.

5. Are politics important to you and if so in what way do they incorporate into your day to day life and work? The general answer is “no, of course not” and then I end up arguing about social justice all afternoon….. So yes, they are, but no, they aren’t. I look at individuals, not parties. I look at issues and not platforms. Civil liberties and not social programs. I am very concerned with civil liberties and that is probably why I test out as a “Liberatarian” on all these silly online quizzes (that I am addicted to.) For instance, I think that we have the right to bear arms – it is one of my civil liberties that I believe is important (with the proper registrations). This stance would tend to place me as a “conservative.” However, some of my beliefs would place me in the “liberal” camp. I have a finely tuned opinion about abortion – that in the first trimester, a woman should have the right to abort if 1) it is not being used as a birth control method 2) the fetus is a result of incest or rape 3) the fetus will place the mother at severe risk of disease or death 4) other circumstances that will be considered on an individual basis. However, I cannot support an abortion after the first trimester. This position is considered “liberal” by most of my conservative friends. I tend to look at legislation and judge if they are showing justice and if they are ethical rather than if “my party” supports them. I believe that the divisiveness of our two party system is tearing America to bits. The latest political windmill I am tilting is the “marriage amendment” that the GA legislature passed through the voters of GA. Another rant, another time.


Michael said...


I skipped on the 10 things.
I passed this over at Fish's blog


Interview me!

Take Care

Kathryn said...

Yes, I think I'd like to play...I'm busy practising sermon avoidance, and this looks like a fun diversion!

Anonymous said...

Ok Rev. Mommy...interview me! Sounds like fun!

Emily said...

If you still need interviewees, I'll play along!