Friday, February 18, 2005

The Mommy is Not Happy

The little kitty (our last kitty) has a bad kidney/bladder problem. Old age, bad diet, you name it -- only 25% of her kidney function is left. And not likely to get a kidney transplant because she's already 15 years old. (Come on -- a kidney transplant, who am I kidding??)

However, she really may not have long to live, anyway. It will be kitty-cide. I have discovered from whence the slight odor of kitty urine is coming from (slight might be an understatment). She has been using the floor behind the sofa. I have now just spent an hour cleaning up the mess. Thank goodness for wood floors and Odo-Ban.

The cat may die. The Mommy is not happy. Not happy at all.

I know what we are told in CPE, Con Ed, etc.... to ask the question, where is Grace to be found in this? Grace? I want Justice! Not Grace or Mercy. I cry for Justice! Now if only I could catch her... Here kitty, kitty, kitty...

as an aside -- have you ever noticed that cats are not in the Bible?


Michael said...

Nothing about cats or about the messes we all create, simply saying that I was thinking about you and praying things were going your way.

Take Care

daisymarie said...

Thank you. This restored sanity and a dose of realism that my day needed. Someone offered me a kitten today. A long haired calico kitten. Just the kind I've dreamt about having. But I so like the fact that my house doesn't smell right now.

I just needed the reminder of the smell and the "joy" of cleaning to remind me again why we have no pets right now.

Sigh. Sure miss the cuddles and purrs, though.

Sorry you're day isn't going so well. Here's to a weekend of improvements.

(PS I took 10 quarters of CPE training in KC and was pursuing SIT training. Seems like a life-time ago.)

St. Casserole said...

My old man cat has kidney disease. He's 18 years old which makes him a museum relic. I've been giving him IVs to keep him hydrated every other day for months.
He stopped using the litter box and began to potty on a chinese wedding box underneath the sideboard in the dining room. Must I explain WHY the wedding box was on the floor? I had to throw the box out and begin Odo Ban. The wood floor is dark and ruined.
It's not easy caring for a frail elderly kitty but it's not the Old Man's time to go (according to my heart and the Vet's opinion). Take kitty to the vet to see if you can make her more comfortable. As my sister said, "cats don't need to wander off and die in the backyard anymore".
I'm sorry for you all. I know you aren't happy. I've had a load of CPE and cat grief hits me harder than people grief at times. Thinking of you.
Cats in the Bible? A terrible oversight caused by poor translators........

~pen~ said...

i love kitties!

are you sure they aren't biblical?

didn't Jesus say "suffer the kitties to come to Me?"


(sorry for your dilemma, but am happy with the *odo ban* recommendation as my one cat, rosie, has taken a liking to my oldest's clothing that doesn't seem to make it in the hamper and she is more than happy to get my back and let him know that is where they truly belong, lest she uses them for a litter pan...)

Unknown said...

m2, if you think that's bad, imagine a cat who decides your husband's laundry is the best place to poop.
Then imagine that the cat came before the husband and is deemed to be "yours."
Then imagine with relief that the enormous puppy dog graduates from his crate, only to begin periodically pooping on the same husband's office floor.
And finally, imagine the relief of the cat who sinned only once.
(Wish I owned stock in Nature's Miracle.)

~pen~ said...

martha, i am laughing out loud at the whole scenario.

miss rosie thought it appropriate to pee on molly's clothing this morning, so ben can't be all mad at his being so special...

but i love my creatures! what causes this?

Unknown said...

m2, my #2 Son had to learn that lesson the hard way, too. Baby (same cat, came to us with that dreadful name) enjoyed peeing in his attic bedroom, the only one with carpet in our house, of course. When our Molly Dog had a UTI and couldn't get someone's attention to go outside, she followed the scent of old cat pee up to his room and peed there, too!!! A bottle of Nature's Miracle helped a bit, but not enough. Finally we figured out how to use the carpet cleaner attachment on our Kirby, and that did the trick. That and picking up the laundry. No further attic indiscretions have occured.