Wednesday, April 13, 2005

As clear as Mud

I re-read my posting from yesterday morning and I realize that I made myself as clear as mud.

I don't have much time this morning either, so this will either confuse my point more, or maybe not.

I wasn't really thinking to bash all those who compete, but those who compete and seem to Miss The Point of the exercise. We have a number of students who are very competetive academically, but have the social and pastoral skills of a slightly dry snail. These students are quick to bash others (which actually I am doing right now.....), searching for that perfect academic record -- and yet the understanding of the 'why' we are doing this seems to have passed them by. For a number of the God-bloggers, this seems the case as well. There were a number of mailing lists that I was reading and not longer read because it seemed that they had lost the point as well. There was one particular discussion that I participated in that the language became quite abusive -- all on the "Person of Jesus."

The mud, rocks and arrows flew back and forth -- I added my voice (and why, I still don't know -- I thought I was trying to find truth). "Our side" won -- or at least threw the last rocks. When it was discovered that I was a woman, the rocks and mud came my way -- the other side declared victory because my arguments were nulified because I was a woman, the winning side attacked me out of their shame of having me fight with them.

So, my reaction to Bene Diction's was viceral -- not a logical one, but an emotional reaction.

A strong drive for a ministerial student is not a bad thing. Would you want a pastor (or doctor) who did not put forth best effort? But an examination of the "why" is important -- and is it feeding their nerosis? Is it a healthy drive? It is done to stroke ego? To please a professor?

Time to go -- I don't know if I made this any clearer.....

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