Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Easter 3A -- Prayer of the People

Let us pray, sisters and brothers, for the Spirit of God to move around us and within us today.

Eternal and Everlasting God, today we come together to worship you and to praise you and to declare our love for you. We thank you for answered prayers. We thank you for your loving care and attention and we will pray to you for as long as we live. You alone have rescued us from our useless lives – rescued us by the precious blood your Son Jesus the Christ, who was your spotless and innocent lamb. You have lead us to have faith in the one you raised from death and honored and glorified. We put our faith and hope in you alone, God.

Today we lift up your cup of salvation and call upon your name. Today we remember you in the breaking of the bread. The scales fall from our eyes and we remember you – our despair lifts and our hope is rekindled and our hearts burn with fire. Today we are your servant and you have loosed our bonds. We offer ourselves, our hearts and our lives as a holy and living sacrifice to you. We know of your call to repentance – help us to turn around our lives and take hold of your promises -- the promise you have given to us and our children, but also to all who are far from you and do not know of your love.

Lord, we know you really are alive. Walk with us along our roadways and help us to always seek you out, to recognize your face, to keep our hope alive and remember you when we share bread with each other. Warm our hearts. In the name of your Son Jesus, who taught us to pray saying….

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