Friday, April 01, 2005


Little Kitty is 15 years old and considers me to be her human. If I sit, she sits on me. If I am in the kitchen, she's in the kitchen. She likes to perch on me, to the point she will ride around on my shoulder. Last week, when she couldn't find a good place to perch on me, she tried to perch on my head. It didn't work. Here's a picture of her sitting on the sofa back, right behind my head -- she will stretch out a paw and touch me, just to make sure I'm still there. I think I have learned more about resting in the Presence and about prayer from Little Kitty than anywhere else. She's just happy to be near me and happy to know I'm there. How often do I go to God in prayer and just rest in the Presence, happy to be there? And I think that God gets the same pleasure out of his children just being there as I do with Little Kitty just being there. Just the desire to be there with Him pleases Him. After all (for you Presby types) what is the first question in the Westminster Larger Catechism?
Q. 1. What is the chief and highest end of man?
A. Man’s chief and highest end is to glorify God, and fully to enjoy him forever.
Yes, to enjoy God forever. Beautiful.

So I am going to sit here for a while, with Little Kitty on my lap, sit in the Presence and just let God love me.

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