Thursday, April 07, 2005

Just a Little Strange

From the Back Seat:
Mommy, mommy, I'm hungry mommy.

Just a few more minutes and we'll go home for dinner.

But I'm hungry NOW mommy!

Just a few more minutes.... Here have some water....

Hey, mommy can I have some of the body of Christ?

(me, Huh?)

Up front, mommy!

(I look down, I have about 50 communion wafers (in a nice little case) in the center console left over from last week. (not consecrated, btw))

Other Child: Yeah, mommy, we want some Jeezits.

(She comes up with this one as I am drinking some water, which then comes out my nose.)

Jeezits! Yeah mommy, Jeezits!

The Jeezits are now safely placed with the rest of the communion supplies at the church.

These are the same children who came up with "Chip and sip" for a wafer and little communion cup and "rip and dip" for intinction. I don't know if I should be amused. It just seems so, well, so sacreligious.

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