Friday, April 08, 2005

Friday Random 10

. ipod madness.

Cabinessence, The Beach Boy, The Absolute Best Volume 2
Help Me, The Birmingham Sunlights, In The Garden
Darling Corey, The Seldom Scene, Creators Of Urban Bluegrass
Recapture Me, Michael Card, The Ancient Faith (Disc 2)
Penny Whistle Song, Hans Zimmer, The Power of One
Praise Awaits You,, Don Chapman
Weeping Sad And Lonely, Matt Glasser, Jacqueline Schwab & Jesse Carr, The Civil War
The Solid Rock, 4HIM, Hymns
Still The Same Me, Sweet Honey In The Rock, Still The Same Me
If You Miss Me From Singing, The Birmingham Sunlights, In The Garden
Rock Of Ages, Various Artists, Church In The Wildwood

Hmmm.... heavy on the Praise and Worship side, with a nich showing of Grass.

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