Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Just all me Sister Hand Grenade of Love

I found this wonderful article all about the Unitarian Jihad. Thank you Phantom Scribbler. I especially like the phrase "Sister Hand Grenade of Love suggested that we institute a terror regime of mandatory hugging, but her motion was not formally introduced because of lack of a quorum." Hugging as a terror regime. Ha! That's me!

While we are planning the Jihad, we can play with dolls. I need me a Talking Jesus. But I'm afraid that the kids would lose His clothing and then throw the naked Jesus in a box full of naked Barbies. Or they could cross-dress Jesus. But would Jesus mind? Didn't he hang with the cast-outs? or was that the outcasts?

Long day, lots and lots of pollen. A good day with the girls -- they are teaching me Runescape. Neat little interactive game, reminds me of the virtual church. Songbird, check it out. Sorta like role-play online.

And then there's this at Bene Diction.

'm so tired of some of the theological debate on god-blogs. Intentionally or not, I find myself thinking about wolves in sheeps clothing. If we cannot show grace what good is a debate on paeo-baptism?


And if I may personally bottom line it, a lot of theological posting is about ego.
I said it.
It's like some god-bloggers are desperately going for an invisible A+.
Or they have something to prove to alpha males they respect.
Or perhaps there is deep insecurity. I don't know.
I hear the love of God, but I don't hear the love of God.

And I think "oh yea! Uh huh!" And the same is true at seminary -- we have a knick name for those students, but it's too rude to use here. That's why I love the Course of Study students -- they really *know* where ministry occurs. And it's all about the love of God. And note the phrase in bold above. Hey, ya'll, it's not a competition.

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