Tuesday, April 19, 2005


From the Ratzingerfanclub.com: Ratzinger, 78, was the late Pope's personal theologian, and is the massively orthodox heir to the Inquisition and "enforcer of the faith" who has been fighting to rid the church of all the "heretics" let in by the liberalism of the Vatican's Second Council.

A return to the dark ages?

From News 24:
"Ratzinger is one of the (Catholic) church's most odious cardinals because of his rigidity, and because he humiliated the bishops' conferences and fellow cardinals in an authoritarian manner on questions of faith," Boff wrote in the newspaper O Estado.

Odious? I know he does not support many of the changes of Vatican II, but wasn't he a radical in the '60's? He's definitely anti-homosexual, anti-ordination of women, anti-a whole lot of things ... What is this going to mean?

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