Saturday, April 09, 2005

probably a boring post

It’s been an interesting week. My Really Big Project looks as if it may actually become a reality. I am going to take a book about Mission that my mission professor wrote and turn it into a 30 to 32 week curriculum. He writes well, but the text needs some tweaking – a sentence like:

“Complex Greco-Roman cultic practices and rituals, while anathema to the early Christians influenced by the wandering Q prophets, did influence the early practices and rituals of the 1st century church.”


“Idol worship by the Romans, even though it disturbed the early Christians, helped shaped their practices and worship in the 1st century.”

Not exactly the same, but more approachable to the general public. I also am moving all those passive voiced verbs to more active verbs. I have a friend who has some influence with the publishing house and he is going to show it to them next week. I have almost finished the first unit. I am doing this for 6 hours of credit this summer – 3 in “Area 2” and 3 in “Area 3” of my required hours. So, I will be able to be at home with the girls, only going down to school when necessary, work on the project 6 to 8 hours a week, earn credit and may have the work published. The best of all possible worlds (now I sound like Candide.) I also have a couple of people who will collaborate with me (Rev. Dr. Sr. Pastor, Rev. Dr. Wolfman, Rev. Dr. Christian Ed Professor, Rev. Dr. Teaches in Kazakhstan among others.) Cool, cool, cool.

Then next semester (Fall) I have been asked (or I asked, it was sorta mutual) for a Independent Study with Dr. Long – he had to cancel a class I really wanted to take. He's asked or been asked by two of us for this Independent study. I am going to do this instead of teaching the preaching 501 classes. One to two ratio is just too good to pass by. Then I am taking RE501 with Dr. Brian Mahan, some Greek, Teaching Parish (*more* teaching parish, oh boy) and I only have to drive to school two days a week.

I am thinking about abandoning the DMin idea and going for that PhD – in practical theology. Too many people are getting a DMin instead of the PhD and that is effecting accreditation of a lot of schools. It’s the reason there are so few Methodists in Methodist seminaries.

Well, that was a boring post. And I am *not* going to look up "affect" and '"effect" again. Ah, well.

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