Friday, September 16, 2005

As some of you may know

As some of you may know, I've been getting to know my local Mormon Missionaries. Sweet kids, I invited them in for a cup of coffee. They didn't want coffee, after all, it was pretty late in the afternoon, but they also turned down the Sweettea and the Coke. Huh, I guess they just don't understand the sacraments of Southern Hospitality.

They wanted to talk for a while and since I was going to have our first 50 Day Spiritual Adventure that night, I was trying to clean house. They actually pitched in and helped clean. Wow!

Anyway, I have invited them back for some rumballs and hot chocolate (heh heh heh) and was looking stuff up to prepare. I found a couple of good sites -- among them the Mormonism Research Ministry.

However, John at Locust and Honey has pointed out a couple of great sites -- Here is the book of Mormon in Klingon. How useful!

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