Thursday, September 01, 2005

From RLP's Chatroom/Prayer room this afternoon

[prayers for Katrina victims]: entropy has entered at 6:50 pm
[whatspider] 6:50 pm: yay for entropy!
[reverend mommy] 6:50 pm: she's going to do a prayer
[whatspider] 6:50 pm: sweet
[entropy] 6:52 pm: dear God
[entropy] 6:52 pm: please hlep the people in hurricane katrina
[entropy] 6:54 pm: give them food and shelter and fresh water
[entropy] 6:53 pm: and a nice warm bed
[entropy] 6:54 pm: showers and baths
[entropy] 6:55 pm: please stop the people from killing each other
[entropy] 6:56 pm: and bless them and keep them safe and bring them on the bus to Atlanta
[entropy] 6:57 pm: help them not be sad and pleas get them to help safe.
[prayers for Katrina victims]: susiederk has entered at 6:57 pm
[entropy] 6:57 pm: and for the people in colleges, let them be with their parents
[entropy] 6:58 pm: thank you go than we have food tonight
[entropy] 6:58 pm: even if i don't like soup
[entropy] 6:58 pm: please don not let them eat bad food and get sick.
[entropy] 6:59 pm: Amen
[whatspider] 6:59 pm: entropy, thank you for praying with us

The Prayer Room is open all day today.

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