Friday, September 09, 2005

I've been dry

I've been dry when it comes to blogging. I don't know why -- or maybe I'm just out of energy. The kids have brought home 3 illnesses in a month -- each time sharing it with each other and me. Entropy is sick again. I dosed her up with medications and sent her to school anyway -- the school does not like too many days absent. After a certain number of days, the social worker "investigates" the absences. Sigh. They don't want sick kids at school, then they don't want them to stay at home. What to do? We are sending more sick kids to school now-a-days, so the illnesses are spread around -- making more sick kids that we send to school. It doesn't make sense.

I've been doing a lot of moving materials around for the hurricane evacuees. The local empty WalMart store is a evacuee center now. I think there are at least 500 people who are being absorbed by my local zipcode. Where are these jobs going to come from? Where are these people going to find rest and refuge? We have no room -- I want to empty out the garage or something to put some people up, but I have no room. Our church has no room, since we are so jammed packed into our current building waiting for the new building to be finished. So I pack up clothes, give money, pack up health kits, pack up little care packages for kids, recycle some toys, give more money. My heart has been broken by the eyes of the suffering so many times in the last few days. What to do?

I'm packing up some of my books to take to the shelters -- and books to send to other people in various and sundry places. There are tasks I need to do and I am slipping further and further behind. I have papers to write and small group studies starting next week, telephone calls to make. After this next week, this burden will be lighter, though. Two big papers due on Monday and Tuesday and then nothing due for more than a month. Small groups will be formed and up and going next week. I just need to get over the hump of this weekend and Monday and Tuesday -- and not get sick with whatever it is that Entropy has!

I have moved all books off the Kitchen counter. I have a small group on Monday nights at my house. I am working on clearing off the red chairs and coffee table today. I need the seating. Next will be the Dining room. I'm packing up the Interpreter's Bible (1950 edition minus volume 11) because I have most of the volumes of the New Interpreter's Bible. I don't know what to do with them. I think I'll ship them off either to the Methodist seminaries in Estonia or Zimbabwe. Any ideas?

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