Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm editing

as fast as I can the Advent Devotional book. It's been making me cry. In a good way. I've a late class tonight, staff meeting, but I feel good because I am sitting in a neat and clean living room. Having an orderly environment makes for a happy mama. If I could just finish the laundry....

My small groups that started up last week are going really well -- at least the ones I've attended or visited. Teaching is a real passion for me. I should remember that....

The girls are doing well -- except that Chaos wants to go to the dance this week. Argh! Am I ready for that??? She's going with a flock of other girls -- not a boy, but she was asked by three. Isn't this really young? 11 years old is too young!

I'm pressed for time, but I'm happy this way. I'm the happiest when I'm busy working. It gives me focus and purpose. I like to take time to sit and think, too, but action makes me the happiest. I sometimes do self-checks to see if the activity is compensating for some perceived lack and sometimes it is -- and I feel that. It begins to feel like busy-ness then. But when it's work that flows from my center -- that Godspot, it's a joyous thing.

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