Thursday, September 29, 2005


I just paid $64.00 for 320 miles of driving. That's $.20 a mile. That's $1 every 5 miles. That's $10 or more to go to school. That's $2 to go to church/grocery store/post office round trip. That's $1 to go to karate, round trip.

I've begun to start to ask myself when I go out "is it worth the gas?"

Chaos is home sick (first day this year) and I just picked up Entropy at school... Looks like strep throat. Again. She's been on 4 antibiotics since the beginning of school. I think it's time to yank the tonsils.

Gas has gone up today to the point that it's around $.25 a mile. And it's going to go up more -- the gas tax will be added back in on October 1. It's gone up about $.60 a gallon today and will go up another $.15 a gallon this weekend. Goody. Everything is so related to the price of gasoline. Food prices are going up as well. What is all this going to mean?

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