Friday, September 30, 2005

Interesting Tidbits.

Biblical Curse Generator

"Take heed, O thou bull of Bashan, for you will beget difficult teenagers!"
"I hope you will be as welcome as a fart in the queen's bedchamber, O thou love-child of Methuselah!"
"Behold, thou shalt go on a diet of crunchy, unsweetened locusts, O thou who art a byword for idiocy!"

He he he... what fun!

And thanks to the Sloganizer, I have my own slogans

"A Tough Reverend Mommy to Follow."
"Once You Pop, You Can't Stop Reverend Mommy."
"Where Do You Want Reverend Mommy To Go Today?"

In other news, my Morning Prayer was deemed 71% Evil by the Gematriculator. A prayer 71 percent evil. Wow. How can that be?
And Genesis 1 from The Message is 48% Evil. I'd say that their algorithm is off.

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