Monday, March 07, 2005


Martha's Musings: Trust Walk Blogger comments not working. Sigh. Martha blogs on dizziness and food today. It's interesting how much we tie food into our churches. Yesterday, I must have eaten 6 or 7 times. New member b'fast. Donut between services. Lunch with the "Day of Service" committee. Snack (*big snack*) at Disciple class. Snack at Pastor's house. Dinner with family. Snack at evening Disciple class. Funny, I'm not hungry at all today.... Maybe we need the United Methodist Church of the Dieters. We go for walks instead of eat. Water bottles instead of coffee and tea. Carb-free communion elements.

My Favorite Polar Bear needs a box of Girl Scout cookies, some hot tea and quiet music. Introverted?? I think that's a maybe, but very people oriented.

Preacher Mom is in the midst of toddler blues. I know that she knows that it's a phase/stage of life -- good for you for taking a mental health/baby day. You go, girl! I'm taking a Monday. Yeah!

reverend mother is into the hair thing today -- hair and the Oscars, no doubt. Also is enjoying toddlertime. An important thing -- I'll share my thoughts on wiping the slate clean when I finish working it out in my head.

Hoosier Jane Ellen is proud of a black belt earned by her husband. And has some wonderful thoughts on guitars and lectionary. Thanks.

Fish is dreaming dreams -- wonderful, big dreams. Fish, they sound so good to me. They feel good. We'll pray and dream together.

Matthew is thinking about Easter/Christ and the Bunny and is decided to leave the bunny out. Me too. My kids get candy on Easter, but I stress the sweetness of God's love for us and the sweetness of His Word. Sweeter than honey! He also contemplates gossip and prayer requests. As the keeper of out email prayer chain, it always surprises me when I get requests like "pray for my husband and best friend as they commit adultery and cheat on me" and then gives specific details. How easy it is for us Christians to pervert something sacramental and sacred into something sordid.

My good friend Michael is still answering questions. I can just see you in a plaid suit and missing teeth -- are you sure that there's not a cowlick in the picture, too?
I didn't know you didn't belong to a congregation. Hmmm... I have mixed feelings about that -- first, if everyone just "did church" at home, I'd be out of a job. Us Methodist types put lots of emphasis on "christian conferencing" which can look like lots of things, but you really are missing out on the snacks. Especially that communion snack thing. Not big in volume, but long on substance. =o)

jfreeman -- hey, thanks. It came and I am reading. Send me your address (snailmail) and the girls in green will send something. I am sure you would like samoa. =o)

I'm outta time -- I have to get my girlies. I didn't get around to half of my dailys. St. Casserole, Field of dandelions, Rev Ref, Rev Mike, Real Live Preacher, anj, steph, bobbie, Praying Mantis (my poetry fix), Progressive Protestant, jo(e), jon, Rev Bill, Barbara and more. I'll have to do it later. Maybe by that time, blogger comments wil work......


Unknown said...

Yay, the comments are working!
The food thing is really hard when you work in a church. We have a nursery school five mornings a week, and the staff is almost entirely church folk. I am in and out of there a lot when I am at the office, and there is always food. It was a heroic moment when I said, "No, thank you," on the day of the Valentine's party. My little church has more than the average number of diabetics in the population, and I am doing everything I can now to avoid joining them and being like Father Tim in the Mitford books!!!

Michael said...

Reverend Mommy.

I feel naked.
I feel that I let you down.
But I had to.
You don't lie to friends.
You don't lie by implying.

It's not a proud thing.
Probably a selfish thing.
It's not the right thing.
But a truth thing.

I could say I'm sorry
I could claim ignorance
But the facts still remain the same.
I am a blogin idiot.

Take Care

Jan said...

I loved reading your comments in this way! You have introduced me to some new blogs to check out.

I know how tough those Sundays can be. Hope your Monday helped restore your energy! Down time is a must to retain some shred of sanity!

And as for the cycle of life, when I was in CPE I would always walk down to the newborn nursery after spending a shift on the oncology unit. The nurses there soon learned my face and could immediately tell how tough the shift had been by how long I lingered and how many tears I shed as I gazed at those precious new lives.

MTR said...

Thanks for the post!