Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Posting by Jay

Only Wonder Understands:: Writings by Jay Voorhees

Jay talks about the signs of hope that exist in our church. And he lists all the reasons I love Candler. I dislike Candler sometimes, too. It's a really competitive place. You can either see the competition as discouraging (Columbia is a kinder and gentler place) or invigorating. And I have experienced it as both. And Candler is a collection of communities, rather than a community itself. I had Ayres and Bondi -- not Mallard and Bondi and I would *love* to have a discernment retreat with LTJ. But I have had good experience with Alice Rogers. And I really, really enjoy the homelitics classes. Tom Long is wonderful as is Fred Craddock (even though he is retired, he continues to inspire). As much as I love the NT and OT classes, the Preaching is wonderful.

There are signs of hope. There is much I find wrong with our denomination -- and I don't think it is benefical to enumerate. But there is still signs of life. People are still in dialogue -- even people from red counties and blue counties. All long as we remember who we are and whose we are, we approach the Holy with humility and we remember the Great Commandment, there will always be signs of hope.

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