Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Odd Juxtapositions

Johnnie Cochran "If it doesn't fit, you must aquit" has died of a brain disorder.

Johnnie Cochan donated $1000 to Jesse Jackson's campaign fund last March.

Jesse Jackson is praying with Terry Schivo's parents, while Terry fades away 12 days after her feeding tube was removed.

The very Catholic Pope may be getting a feeding tube and some say he is close to death.

The very unCatholic, but conservative, Jerry Falwell is critically ill with pneumonia, is on a ventilator and some say close to death.

Jerry Falwell founded Liberty University in 1971.

Liberty University had Zell Miller speak on March 9.

Zell Miller *may* be a democrat (debatable).

Johnnie Cochran was a democrat, but never, ever donated to Zell Miller's campaigns. Full circle, sort of.

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