Friday, March 11, 2005


So. Very. Tired.

Long day yesterday. Listened to 13 sermons -- gave two myself -- total of 15 sermons. Wow.

I had position 9 and 15 -- I had to go last. I felt anxious. I have never felt that type of anxiety before. Wow.

Now I'm tired. So very tired.

Took a quiz (what a surprise!)

You are Pedro; you make my wildest dreams come
true. You are, in essence, my idea of the
perfect day.

brought to you by Quizilla

Wow. What a surprise. I thought I was Barth, a dead white German male theologian. I'm Pedro, a young hispanic dude who makes Jeremy's day. Who knew? I knew my brain was male, but really. Then what does that dream about not finding the right color of lipstick mean? I think I need a Avon Lady.

I am now going to indulge in reading Blogs, eating chocolate and drinking coffee, listening to *my* music (anyone with a pre-teen will understand that comment), reading books that are not on my assigned reading list and going for a walk when *I* want to go. And there might be other indulgances ahead like baked potato soup with cheese and bacon, more chocolate and Netflix.

Later, dudes. (to quote the aforesaid pre-teen)

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