Tuesday, March 08, 2005


First, how aware are you of poverty?
Belief Net has this quiz.
I received a 9 out of 15. Not as good as I would have thought.

Secondly -- what theologian are you?

"We reject the false doctrine that the church could have permission to hand over the form
of its message and of its order to whatever it itself might wish or to the vicissitudes of the
prevailing ideological and political convictions of the day."
You are Karl Barth!
You like your freedom, and are pretty stubborn against authority! You don't
care much for other people's opinions either. You can come up with your own fun, and
often enough you have too much fun. You are pretty popular because you let people have their
way, even when you have things figured out better than them.

What theologian are you?

A creation of Henderson

What! Barth! No way!


reverendmother said...

I'll trade you reverend mommy--I'm happy to be Barth, but I came out Wesley!

Unknown said...

Just call me Erasmus.
I don't suppose the test included Schliermacher?

B1 said...

I'm Augustine, too! It says, "You are Augustine! You love to study tough issues and don't mind it if you lose sleep over them. Everyone loves you and wants to talk to you and hear your views, you even get things like "nice debating with you." Yep, you are super smart, even if you are still trying to figure it all out. You're also very honest, something people admire, even when you do stupid things."

The doing "stupid things" part really fits. :-)

anj said...

Desiderius Erasmus, here. Umm..

Danny Bradfield said...

Another Barth here.... Could it be true that when Barth was bored, he too put on some music and got his groove on? Who knew?

Michael said...

I must be Friday Mom.

Augustine here. And I too got 9 out 15 and thought I would do better.

I was astounded by some of the numbers however.

Take Care

reverendmother said...

You mean Erasmus, as in Erasmus B. Dragon?Because that would definitely be me.

mark said...

I took this test a while ago, and I came out as Desiderius Erasmus. Can't say it was who I was hoping for, but after reading the description, can't say I'm at all surprised.

reverendmother said...

Barth rocks.

Man am I a nerd.

daisymarie said...

I'm Erasmus.

I found this quote by him that sounded as much like me as the explanation from the quiz: When I get a little money I buy books; and if any is left I buy food and clothes.

I'm a total bookaholic!!!