Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Sick children, chicken soup, running behind

I've had sick children for a very long time -- or at least it seems so. One who has been sick on and off for 6 weeks with a fever, sinus infections. 3 Antibiotics later, she's still sick. Now I have a cold that is lingering, turning into a sinus infection. Not a good time to be sick. Not only do I have school all day tomorrow but also Lenten lunches, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday services, Saturday activities all day long, 4 full blown High Methodist services on Sunday. Not a good time to be ill. The senior pastor's son is not well either -- he has been sick for two weeks and he now has pneumonia. He may go to the hospital tomorrow. Poor kid. My prayers go with him.

I am going to make some chicken soup and sit here tonight. I have to go to the church to set up for tomorrow's service, but I think that sitting around in peace and quiet tonight will do a world of good. Chicken soup, mmmm.....

And I have been (deliberately) slack today. So many things not done -- important stuff, urgent stuff. But if I get sicker, I sure won't be any good for anything else.

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