Sunday, March 13, 2005

Positive Words

I need some positive words today, so I think I'll give ya'll some.

Here's some positive words:
accomplished, admirable, attractive, capital, certified, champion, choice, choicest, desirable, distinctive, distinguished, estimable, exceptional, exemplary, exquisite, fine, finest, first, first-class, first-rate, good, great, high, incomparable, invaluable, magnificent, meritorious, notable, noted, outstanding, peerless, piked, premium, priceless, prime, select, skillful, skookum, sterling, striking, superb, superlative, supreme, tiptop, top-notch, transcendent, wonderful

adored, beatified, consecrated, divine, enthroned, exalted, glorified, hallowed, holy, inviolable, redeemed, religious, resurrected, revered, rewarded, sacred, sacrosanct, saved, spiritual, unprofane

all-powerful, almighty, ambrosial, angelic, anointed, beatific, beautiful, blissful, celestial, consecrated, deific, deistic, eternal, exalted, excellent, glorious, godly, hallowed, heavenly, holy, immaculate, magnificent, marvelous, mystical, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, perfect, rapturous, religious, sacramental, sacred, sacrosanct, sanctified, spiritual, splendid, superhuman, superlative, supernatural, supreme, theistic, transcendent, transcendental, unearthly, wonder

angelic, believing, blessed, chaste, clean, consecrated, dedicated, devoted, devotional, devout, divine, faithful, faultless, glorified, god-fearing, godlike, godly, good, hallowed, humble, immaculate, innocent, just, knee-bending, moral, perfect, pietistic, pious, prayerful, pure, revered, reverent, righteous, sacrosanct, sainted, saintlike, saintly, sanctified, seraphic, spiritual, spotless, sublime, uncorrupt, undefiled, untainted, unworldly, upright, venerable, venerated, virtuous

 august, awe-inspiring, ceremonial, ceremonious, conventional, devotional, dignified, divine, formal, full, grand, grave, hallowed, holy, imposing, impressive, magnificent, majestic, momentous, ostentatious, overwhelming, plenary, religious, reverential, ritual, sanctified, stately, venerable


Michael said...


I picked a few that applied to you.
There are more but I didn't want you overdosing.

Take Care

daisymarie said...

Thanks. My spirit needed some of that positivity!

Have a blessed day!

Jessica said...

What an amazing list. It's like elixir! Thanks.

PPB said...

quite a list

spookyrach said...

That was fun!